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THERE IS NO “I” in the TEAM!- Nikhil Mehta


On Kaurav side there were many “I”s
They all had individual issues and their own pratigyas and vows they could not break they were less team players more individual egos. They all were great warriors but togather they were very bad as a team they tried but failed because each and everyone of them were weak links! Krishna took the vow for not fighting or taking weapons in his hands but was willing to sacrifice individual pratigyas for the greater good of everyone!
Krishna – A great visionary who was ahead of his times and very few recognized that. He was the Sutradhar of Pandav Paksha and he kept all of them together even after many conflicts among themselves. Krishna also made every effort to split the army of Kauravas at any cost and he was successful just because there was NO “I” and he had no vested interest in the entire saga – truly selfless man but always put DHARMA ahead even if he had to act at times that looked like he is bending it!

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