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  1. No point using limited life to chase unlimited money.  
  2. No point earning so much money you cannot live to spend it .  
  3. Money is not yours until you spend it.  
  4. When you are young, you use your health to chase your wealth ; when you are old, you use your wealth to buy back your health .   Difference is that, it is too late .  
  5. How happy a man is, is not how much he has but how little he needs . 
  6. No point working so hard to provide for the people you have no time to spend with
  7. http://www.allinspiration.com/a/6-principles-of-life/

  1. Sam Parikh
    ઓગસ્ટ 11, 2010 પર 2:24 પી એમ(pm)

    Dear Vijaybhai,

    Very good and very true six principals of Life and Money.-In my case for sure –It is too late!


  2. ઓગસ્ટ 11, 2010 પર 2:25 પી એમ(pm)

    You are very right.
    Unfortunately, for most people when this knowledge dawns, it’s too late.

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