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Dr. Dinesh O Shah received grant of three crores and forty five lacs and thirty thousand rupees for Shah-Schulman Centre


Attached please find a photo of me, Shitalbhai at left, then Ramesh Parmar, and extreme right is Dr. Shrimali the head in charge of the grant program.

Dear Loved Ones,
On my birthday, I missed all of you who are residing in USA.
I am in Ahmedabad at Shitalbhai Patwa’s home. I took breakfast of two Kesar Keri (Mango) from Junagadh, two Khakhra and two Khari crispy poori and a cup of tea. It was a great morning. I got several phones from USA from loved ones.
I had tears in my eyes when I accepted this check of three crores and forty five lacs and thirty thousand rupees. This is roughly $ 750,000. In a way, God gave me this gift on my birthday to use it for a noble cause. I was thinking that for India this is a lot of money and there are so many poor people who could use these funds, so I must do my best work to help these people to improve their lives through Science and Technology. These are the tax payers valuable and hard earned money that I am using in Shah-Schulman Centre.  Shitalbhai has been a silent and selfless worker in this journey and did lot of work for this grant.
In the evening, I had invited 70 persons to Karnavati Club for dinner. These include our relatives, my friends in Science, poetry and music as well as my former students who have settled down in Ahmedabad. We reviewed the highlights of Aambe Aavya Mhor video and I recited ten best poems from Gujarati literature in my view.  Every one blessed me with good health and long life and gave me their best wishes. We had great dinner at the Sarbhara restaurant in Karnavati Club that included Shrikhand, Mava Ghari, three types of bread, two farsans, Dhokla and lilava Kachori, magni lachko dal, three vegetables, including Cauliflower, sukibhaji, and parvar. Khichadi and Bhat. This was with Chhash and in the beginning Fudino+Jeera pani as a very refreshing appetiser drink. I had a great birthday celebration in India after almost 48 years. This is the first time that I am in India on my birthday after 1961 when I left for USA.
I hope this gives a glimpse of my life in India. I am learning the art of how to be happy anywhere and every where !! With best wishe and love,” You will enjoy the special greetings for my BD with my songs with music on the following websites. With best wishes and many thanks,
Yours truly,
Dinesh  O. Shah

Congratulations and wish you many many  haapy returns of the day

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  1. April 2, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    Congratulations……. &

    many many appy returns of the day

    yees, it’s god’s gift for u……..

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