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Sapphire- the ultimate medical hub for every ailment


We- Sapphire, are a professionally managed company involved in making the perfect arrangements for providing quality medical services. It is often difficult for a patient to select the right place for treatment under the observation of an appropriate team of medical practitioners. These are certain crucial factors every patient should pay attention to rather than getting confused in this huge country India, where there is a vast sea of health-care centers & medical practitioners. In addition to all these, not being acquainted with localities & regional specialties are also some of the other hindrances for non-residents.

Considering these aspects that create confusion and faulty decision making, we organized ourselves to facilitate the best available medical assistance to our clients from India & abroad. We enriched our capabilities of assisting client’s with best medical services by leveraging on our wide network & associations with recognized medical centers & reputed practitioners in Ahmadabad, in the state of Gujarat, India.

Further, we also ensure that our international clients are provided with adequate assistance and utmost care so that they feel at home with the warmth & care of Gujarati hospitality. Converting profession into passion, we offer medical treatments with warmth, care & a touch of humanity.


Our Method of Operation:


On being advised for a medical treatment, you can contact us from your place and send us your medical reports by email. We will consult our team of medical experts & doctors and will suggest best treatment available for you. We will also communicate with your doctor in your country and thereafter suggest the modalities of treatment in Ahmadabad.


Making Your Medical Tour Easy


We Will

1) Log on to http://www.smspl.in

1) Reply your mail

2) send your mail at info@smspl.in or     dr_sharad_shah@yahoo.co.in

2) Keep in touch with you through E-mail

3) Send your Medical Reports

3) Examine your Reports

4) Come to India

4) Discuss with your Doctor

5) Choose The Doctors & Hospitals

5) Offer Best Package For Treatment



We also make arrangements to receive you at airport and make your stay comfortable. Our medical team, after proper examination and analysis, will discuss with you about your problems and guide you to proper health care center, doctor and necessary treatment.


Once your treatment is over and you recover from the ailment, we will look after a proper follow up and ensure to guide you till the time you leave. It is made sure that you get the most suitable treatment. We can also make arrangements for alternate therapies like homeopathy, ayurveda, acupuncture, naturopathy, etc.


Things that set us apart from others:


Optimizing our wide network & close association with sophisticated health-care centers and experienced & reputed medical experts; we offer the following services to our customers:

  • Service of the best specialist pertaining to required medical domain
  • Arrangements at suitable medical centers
  • Cost-effective & responsive services
  • No extra charges or unnecessary expenses
  • Organized documentation of complete treatment
  • Constant consulting with client
  • Continuous guidance on health related issues
  • Convenient communication
  • Transportation facility, etc

We promise to provide personal attention and care to you.



E mail Courtsey Dr Sharad Shah

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