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Goal setting facts- Email Courtsey Narendra R Bajaj



Fact #1: Discipline Is Overrated!


95% of what we do – we do automatically and only 5% of our actions are conscious.


We all have our own ‘rituals’ that we repeatedly do without having to think about it. When you get up in the morning and brush your teeth, you don’t concentrate on the movements that you make. When you tie your shoes, drive to work, open the door, you do it automatically.


We really make very little choices. We repeatedly do certain actions and after some time it becomes automatic. It becomes a habit and it becomes active in the right circumstances, without you having to think about it.


The easiest actions for us to take are the ones we perform out of habit.


We become what we repeatedly do!


The easiest way to grant yourself a wish is to make a habit out of the actions you must take to cause that wish to come true.


Imagine what you could do and how your life would change if you would develop the “right” habits.


Having a sexy, toned body wouldn’t mean forcing yourself to go to the gym three times a week.


Reaching your ideal weight wouldn’t require starving yourself on diets.


Finding time to work on your goal, wouldn’t mean stealing it from your family.


Achieving financial security wouldn’t mean having to work 80 hours a week.


Becoming an overachiever wouldn’t require you to have iron will or unstoppable determination.


All you have to do if you want to be successful, is develop rituals (behaviors that become automatic after some time) that will cause success. As simple as that!


Fact #2: Comfort Zone Is Your Prison


Comfort zone is the lifestyle you’re used to, the belief system you have, things you do on a daily basis. It’s your personal little world where you are safe and comfortable.


Sounds good, right?


It is, if you are completely satisfied with who you are and what you have. If that’s the case, congratulations! You’re living a dream life!


But if you want to become more, to achieve your most treasured goals, to fulfill your potential, then your comfort zone becomes your danger zone – your personal little prison.


Why? Because it holds you back!


You see, in your comfort zone you will receive the same results you’ve always got. There’s no room for any change. Staying in your safety place can be fatal to your personal growth. If you’re not learning new things, trying something new, the world will be simply passing you by.


Got a job you don’t like? You can stay there forever, it’s safe, but is it good for you?


The habit to put things off and procrastinate is inseparable like your second name, but how many troubles has it caused?


Living with a person who doesn’t love and understand you? It is comfortable, because you are used to it. But is it how you want to spend the rest of your life?


If you want more of anything in your life, the place to start is with your comfort zone. By expanding your comfort zone you allow yourself to change, to grow, to develop.


Learning to step out of your comfort zone is essential for successful goal setting. Nothing significant was ever accomplished or created in comfort zone.


So why staying in a tiny prison, when you can turn your life in a greatest adventure of all?


Fact #3: If You Have No Motivation


You Don’t Want To Achieve Your Goal


If in the past you have failed to achieve your goal, it means only one thing- your desire was not strong enough. I can already hear some indignant protests that this statement has created. But it is true.


“Weak desire creates weak results.”


See, motivation is a combination of feelings, beliefs, desires and needs that drive an individual towards achieving certain goals. Consequently, lack of motivation can be either caused by lack of belief in oneself or by lack of desire, which stops you from moving forward towards your goal.


If your desire is not strong enough, most likely you won’t achieve your goal, no matter how great your plan is.


Another reason for the lack of motivation can be your lack of belief in yourself and your abilities.


From one hand you may want to accomplish your goal, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now. But from the other hand, you can’t find enough motivation to actually start working on achieving your goal.


You would love to open up your true potential, and live a full, joyful and fun-filled life, but previous setbacks, fears and negative beliefs are dragging you down.


If you are consciously procrastinating and then are mentally beating yourself up for it, stop! Because by doing it you are only demotivating yourself more and decreasing your self-esteem.


By learning some simple, but very powerful motivation techniques, you’ll turn your modest wish into a burning desire!


Fact #4: Failure Is Your Friend


Failure is the other side of success. Your success largely depends on the number of attempts that you make. It is an interesting paradox.


Increased number of attempts leads to higher number of “errors” and “failures”. But at the same time it quadruples your chances to succeed.


If you want to find an interesting and well-paid job, send out more CV’s.


If you want more dates, ask more people out.


If you want to achieve more, make more tries.


This simple principle is not new – “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”


Are there any past fears that are holding you back and preventing you from making an attempt today?


Are you waiting for the “right moment” to ask your boss a raise?


Are you not asking the person that you like out, because you are afraid to hear “NO”?


Are you toying with idea to start a new venture, but consciously postponing it for later?


Initially you might get all the things that you desire, but you will still have to face a fact, that you could have had all this sooner, only if you would have conquered your fear of failure.


Maybe you could have enjoyed extra money and benefits years ago. You could have already been dating a person that you like. You could have been running successful business right now. While these are only wild guesses, one thing remains certain:


If you never try you will never succeed.


97% Of Population Fail for One Reason:

They Don’t Know How To Set Goals.


Believe it. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. To achieve it, you need to know how.


Goal setting is not just deciding what you want and trying to reach it. Goal Setting is:


A focused plan based on proven methods to achieve desired results.


A predetermined set of rules and regulations.


Goal Setting is a science and must be learned.


I can see the question in your eyes: “A science?”


Close your eyes and imagine you’ve just won first prize in a contest… a small aircraft!


Your very own plane to take you and your loved ones to destinations yet to be discovered! Can you imagine your excitement? Can you see the luxurious carpeting, the fresh paint, the cockpit? You can fly wherever you want to go! Any city, any state, any country! You can explore the world now and see everything with your own eyes.


You walk around your plane and think “I can’t wait to fly my plane!”, “I want to go now!”, “I’m the owner, right?”, and then “How in the world do you fly this thing? There are so many buttons! Where are the instructions?”


Even if you are able to start it, how in the world you’re going to fly it and land safely in the country of your dreams if you have no training? You are not that free after all… First, you have to learn how to operate your plane.


Does Goal Setting Work?


Goal setting is not a complicated science with hundreds of complicated formulas…in fact it’s incredibly simple. But to use this system effectively, you must know how it works.


Here’s what your life will look like after applying goal setting principles:


You will attract abundance and anything you need, wish for or desire.

Your enthusiasm and motivation will skyrocket to a whole exciting level, and you will permanently stop procrastination.

You will finally unlock your subconscious mind, and literally attract luck, wealth and health into your life.

You will develop unstoppable belief in yourself and eliminate fear and doubt forever.



You will attract new friends, new respect, new love. Like a giant magnet. Others will be begging to know your secret.


You will find the easy way out of your problems. You’ll find out how to put your subconscious mind to work for you, rather than against you.

You will be free financially…and knowing your family will never have to worry about money again.

You will maintain laser-like focus.


You will let go of fears and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and keeping you from living a full, joyful and fun-filled life.

You will create ‘miracles’ in your life virtually at will.


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